Spend Savvy Shopper: What To Buy In March

So we’ve settled into the year now and routine has returned. We’re already a quarter of the way there! But just because the January sales may be long gone, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get good deals elsewhere. Take a look at a few of the things you can get for less in March!

Get Those Post-Valentine’s Day Discounts!

Now that Valentine’s Day is over, we can all take advantage of the discounted chocolate – single or not. Chocolate is for everyone.

While yes, it is cheaper straight after Valentine’s Day anyway, it’s discounted even further in March which is perfect for that extra good deal. There may not be as many options, but you’re sure to find something you like and to get a good deal on any Valentine’s themed chocolate now that the February 14th demand is over.

Pop to your local supermarket and see what you can find.

In addition to this, perfume is also cheaper in March thanks to Valentine’s Day being over and Christmas being long gone. If you’re looking to try a new scent, stock up on it now!


It’s true!

Fancy updating your jewellery collection?

Now’s the time to do it.

With one catch.

Okay, so maybe not all jewellery is cheaper, but there are some items you can get for a smaller price in March.

And according the credit card firm Marbles…

…One of these items is engagement rings.

This could be linked to the fact that a ton of marriage proposals tend to take place in February (hello again, Valentine’s Day), so there is less demand in March once this is over and prices go down.

Or you could just feel like treating yourself to some new bling. Nothing wrong with that.

what to buy in march

A New (Used) Car

According to Which?, March is the best time to buy a new car as this is when new registrations come out – which means the older models will cost less. If you’re not bothered about having every new model that comes out and are happy to use a perfectly efficient used car, go for it this month and get a great price in the process.

You will also be in a reasonable position to negotiate, as car dealers will have lots of used cars to sell and be wanting to make room for all these new models that’ll be coming in – use this to your advantage!


The period between winter and summer travel season starts now, meaning there are slightly less holidays resulting in less demand for luggage – and therefore cheaper prices.

But there’s another reason as well.

This month is usually when new luggage models come out; similar to the car situation, you can get an older model a lot cheaper in March. Who needs a new model anyway? Stock up now and be ready to jet off come summertime!

If you’re going away for a few weeks during the summer, now is the time to get all the good quality luggage you need at a more reasonable price! Don’t miss out.

Here at Bargain Crazy we also have a few suitcases of our own to offer at an unmissable price. Head on over and take a look – you’ll be sure to find a great deal!

what to buy in march

Winter Sporting Gear

Anything to do with winter sports will undoubtedly be cheaper this month as the winter sporting season draws to a finish and less people are venturing out for some adrenaline-packed fun.

If you’re planning to take up a winter sport when the season comes round again or just want some new gear, why not pick up some skis or a snowboard for later in the year? It’s definitely better to get them now when you won’t have to spend a ton of money, and they’ll be just as good in quality as they’d be if you got them when sporting season comes around.

You can’t go wrong.

Also, aside from the actual sporting gear itself, you can also pick up some winter sporting clothing such as jackets, boots and hats.

Overall, even though at first you might not expect to get many deals in March, it’s safe to say you can! By shopping around and following the advice above, you are sure to find something you didn’t anticipate.