Spend Savvy Shopper: What To Buy This Month

January is traditionally a time when most people are looking to save money. The pressure to spend big at Christmas leaves many of us broke at just the wrong time because everything seems to be “On Sale”.But for some people, January is a bumper month. Whether you’re exchanging presents from grand parents who still think you’re into Disney pyjamas or cash rich from uncles and aunties who now prefer to send cash as presents, January is a wonderful month to be alive.

But how do you make that money go as far as possible? What exactly can you get cheaper in January? And what should you hold out for and buy later in the year?

Fitness Equipment

January is the time of year when many of us are motivated to better our lifestyles, and a part of this is partaking in more exercise.

It’s lucky, then, that pretty much anything to do with fitness is discounted this month – fitness DVDs, equipment, even gym memberships.

But as almost 50% of people who buy gym memberships rarely make it past the first month, buying fitness equipment is a much better option, especially when the prices have been slashed to take full advantage of everyone new years resolutions.

The best part?

Fitness equipment is unlikely to break, or go out of fashion, so even if you don’t fancy running a marathon right now, when you do decide that a beach body is a must you won’t have to pay top dollar during spring when everyone else is.

A definite money-saver.

(If you need that extra bit of inspiration to get exercising, the BBC Get Inspired page might do the trick).

Christmas Decorations

We know that January is possibly the worst month to think about decorations but that’s precisely why you should do.

The reason?

Because if there is one set of items that are almost certainly going to be slashed in price it will be lights, tinsel, wreaths, artificial Christmas trees, and even Christmas puddings (yes, they really do last that long).

So, this year don’t put the same Christmas decorations back in the loft for the tenth time, bin the lot, and grab yourself a brand new set that will make you the envy of the neighbourhood next year.

You’ll thank yourself in December.

Christmas Decorations

However, even if you do decide to leave it until December, you can always count on Bargain Crazy to have discount decorations.

Aside from just decorations, you can also get Christmas cards for a much, much cheaper price. Just keep them somewhere you know you won’t forget about them!


Fancy redesigning the interior of your home? It’s a new year, so the time for change couldn’t be better.

If you do want to freshen up the look of your home then you’re in luck, because January is the best time do just that.

New designs come out in February ready for spring and summer, so all older furniture needs to be sold in preparation for those new additions. As well as this, less people move house in this month, so inventory is more difficult to sell. Head out, see what pieces you can grab and give your home a makeover!

There’s more…

It’s also worth noting that paint costs less this month, so if you’re redecorating, test out some new shades now and decide what you want to buy before it’s too late to get a good deal.

Winter Clothing

This is an obvious one seeing as there are sales in pretty much every clothing store in January; the clothing sales are definitely the most popular. As retailers sell all of their winter stock in preparation for the spring and summertime, you can get a good deal on your winter wardrobe.

For example, you could get yourself a new winter coat, or just a jumper.

It’s never too early to start putting a seasonal wardrobe together, and by doing so this month you’ll save a lot of money as well as looking super stylish when the time comes to get that winter clothing out again.

Winter Clothing

Don’t be scared about trying out new things either; do things that work for you when buying your new winter clothing. Fashion blogger Not Dressed As Lamb did just that when following a particular fashion ‘rule’…

“I did think about the ‘rule’ that says if you’re wearing something loose up top, go form-fitting on the bottom… Then I promptly ignored it and went for something loose instead”.

… and she ended up putting together a gorgeous outfit. Follow her lead, break the mould and create looks that are unique to you.

Need some further winter outfit ideas?

This post by PopSugar would be perfect for you. Or maybe this one from Vogue for if you’re really into coats.


Forgot to buy your calendar for the new year in December?

That’s not a problem, because the second the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve to ring in the new year, the prices of calendars for the new year shoot down faster than you can blink (try it next year).

Buying a calendar in January means that not only do you avoid paying the full price, but you’re also still fully prepared to plan for the months ahead.

No one really needs to buy their calendar the year before anyway.

A Holiday

Yep, it’s true.

You can get a few days away a lot cheaper this month.

Surely this can’t be real?

But it is.

Although technically this doesn’t take place in January as you have to book beforehand, going abroad in this month is much cheaper than any other time of year.

There aren’t as many people going on holiday in January, what with trying to save after Christmas and not wanting to walk around in the rain, but if the weather doesn’t bother you then book for the first month of the year.

A Holiday

City breaks are especially cheap when travelling this month. There a plenty of destinations to choose from – in a study by momondo.co.uk, it was found that some of the places you can go for the most affordable holiday in the new year are: New York, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin, Lisbon and Copenhagen.Just remember to wrap up warm!

Overall, you can get some amazing deals in January, and this doesn’t have to be just clothes. You can get prepared for redecorating your home or for Christmas, or maybe you’ll even be able to jet off to New York. But remember, despite it seeming like everything costs less in January there are some things that are best to wait for, so don’t overlook buying at a a different time of year instead.