6 Great Christmas Party Ideas That Don’t Involve Alcohol

‘Tis the season to be merry. But if drinking’s not your thing, there are a number of Christmas party ideas that don’t involve booze. This year, why not celebrate the festive season with a get-together that your friends, family or colleagues will love and remember for months to come? Here are some Christmas party ideas that don’t involve alcohol.

1. Bowling

A night at your local bowling arcade always ends up being a good time, especially if you plan ahead. Even if your group of friends aren’t really bowling types, you can still have a great evening and enjoy each other’s company. Bowling can be a great icebreaker and team bonding event for businesses, too. In fact, this is a fantastic way to introduce your staff to the rest of the team and have a night out away from the office. If you’re planning on a bowling night this Christmas, remember to book ahead. Many bowling arcades become super busy during this time of the year, so you’ll want to book your lane well in advance. If you’re expecting a large group of people, ask the alley if they can arrange lanes that are next to each other so you can all watch each other play. You might want to book a table at a local restaurant, too, for after your bowling game. This is a great place to discuss the game and exchange gifts.


2. Cinema

The cinema is popular all year around but in the run-up to Christmas, big budget Hollywood movies make their way to the big screen and really draw the crowds. This year’s no different, with a range of big budget blockbusters for you to get your teeth into. Just like bowling, this can make a great alternative to boozy office parties and can be a chance for you and your colleagues to talk about work when you’re away from the office. If you’re planning a night out with your friends to the movies, choose a film that you all want to see or come to some agreement where everyone will be happy. It’s always best to book your tickets ahead of time, especially for films that are expected to pull in a big crowd in the run-up to the big day. You can find out film times online and purchase tickets on the official website of your local cinema chain. Alternatively, pop into your local cinema and book tickets for a date in the future.

3. Ice Skating

Ice skating is another popular attraction in the run-up to Christmas, especially with families who take to the rink and practice their moves. This activity is also popular with couples who want to enjoy this magical time of the year with each other. During the festive season, many town centres up and down the UK set up temporary ice rinks that you can visit. Usually, you’ll pay for your ticket on the day, hire your skates and have a great time on the rink. However, you might want to book in advance if you’re planning something special or expect a rink will be busy as Christmas approaches. Don’t forget to dress appropriately, too. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor ice rink, you might want to wear a hat, gloves, coat and other protective items. You can find these all online and have them delivered to your door in time for your event. Better yet, use a promotion code, which could entitle you to money off your order or save you cash on delivery. You’ll be asked to enter your code during the checkout stage when you’re paying for your items.

Ice Skating

4. Restaurant

If you want to catch up with old friends or get to know your colleagues better, booking a table at your favourite restaurant can serve as an alternative to a conventional office Christmas party. You’ll be able to enjoy the company of your guests in quiet surroundings and even exchange Christmas presents. If you live in a big town or city, you’ll have plenty of restaurants to choose from, and many establishments will allow you to book reservations on the Internet or via phone. If you’re planning a restaurant event for you and your friends this year, why not arrange a “Secret Santa” too? You can purchase a gift for a friend online and give it to them at the dinner table!

5. Games Night

Games nights have increased in popularity in recent years. This is where you organise an event and play a range of different board games with friends, family or colleagues. You can set challenges, play trivia games or even video games. Why not keep score and give a small prize to the winner? Alternatively, create a theme for your event and make party food for a night that your guests will remember in the future. If you’re looking for games, you can find these from online retailers and have them delivered to your door. You could find a bargain if you subscribe to your favourite retailers’ social media accounts or mailing lists, where you’ll be one of the first people to hear about the latest offers and promotions. With games nights, you won’t have to worry about big crowds and you can create a special event that’s different from the norm. Why not finish the night by showing your favourite movie?

6. Sports Events

Sports events are an unconventional way to celebrate Christmas and one of the most popular non alcoholic Christmas party ideas. If you’re a sports fan, why not organise a charity football match for work colleagues? This is a fantastic idea if you want to celebrate the festive season and raise money at the same time. Alternatively, you could book your local tennis courts for a match with a close friend in the run up to Christmas. Swimming is another popular event, especially when the schools break up in the week before Christmas. You could arrange to visit your local swimming pool and exchange Christmas gifts afterwards. If you need sports clothes for your event, have a look online. Many retailers sell products manufactured by big name brands and independent labels on their websites.

Sports Events