4 Ways A Tunic Can Be The Star Of Your Wardrobe

We all have one, right? That one item you always go to almost instinctively. Depending on the occasion, that evening dress, the favourite pair of jeans, the shimmery top that makes you feel like a goddess, that t-shirt that is starting to get holes in it but you still wear it because it feels so soft and comfortable and you love it anyway.Ok, so maybe those are quite a few favourite items to choose from depending on the occasion. But there are various pieces which suit a number of occasions – and one of these is a tunic. Since they became a part of mainstream fashion a few years ago, it’s been handy to have one in your wardrobe. It’s something that is very easy to work with.

So, What’s To Love About A Tunic?

We all have that one item where we wear it so much, we really wish we’d have bought two or three of the same.

But what’s so special about a tunic?

Well, firstly, It’s a bit like a comfort blanket. It’s a comfortable piece to wear – the great thing about them is they give plenty of room for movement and feel almost weightless. Plus, they’re something that you can reach for that you know you’ll be able to build an entire outfit around. Perfect for those too-early mornings before work when you forgot to get an outfit ready the night before.

Secondly, they are very versatile – you can wear it to a business meeting, to a garden party, a night out in the city or even just casually on a Saturday afternoon for a trip to the supermarket. The same can’t be said for things like a party dress, as great as they are for when you’re going out.

As with any item of clothing, tunics come in different styles – you might prefer a pattern over a solid colour, long sleeves over short sleeves. Nevertheless, style doesn’t matter as you can still wear it in a number of ways – just follow the tips below and adapt to suit you!

So how can you wear it and to what occasions?

So, what’s to love about a tunic?

Day To Night Time

The best thing is when an item of clothing can be easily transitioned from day to night. During the day, a tunic doesn’t need much to look good – a pair of flat sandals and a large tan over the shoulder bag makes for an easy ‘don’t have to think’ kind of outfit and you can be out of the door in less than 5 minutes.

If you know that you’re going to be staying out into the evening, you can opt for high heels instead, along with a small clutch bag and a jacket to pair it with. Leather jackets can work really well with tunics and make them look a bit more edgy for when you’re out in the evening.

If it’s more of a BBQ occasion then you can just ear a denim jacket and flat sandals for the whole day/evening – these events are usually in someone’s garden where heels will end up digging into the grass anyway!

Casual Autumn Days

Even when the weather turns colder and wetter you can still find ways to wear your tunic. This time, you can wear it with a pair of thick black tights, mid-calf biker boots and a black leather jacket to get that more autumn-like feel. Also, pair it with more autumnal colours; a mustard or deep red coloured bag and with gold jewellery.

Layering can also come into play here if needed, for example if you’re opting for a tunic button-down you could wear a cropped jumper on top and a vest top underneath. Aside from layering for warmth, it can also create a more bohemian vibe depending on how you choose to layer. However, at this point it probably means you really do need to put it away until spring again!

Casual Autumn Days

Lunch With The Girls

It’s always a fun occasion to have lunch with your girlfriends; there will be great company, good food and a bottle or two of ice cold fizz. And fun means colour – and by that we mean a colour that stands out and makes an impact, but more toned down colours work well too. This could be anything depending on your personal taste and the type of tunic – your accessories can range from reds to bright blues.

When working with eye-catching colour, choose one or two particular pieces you want to stand out. You don’t need many accessories for this outfit to work – you could put on a wide belt in the colour of your choice around the waist and match it with some high heeled sandals in the same colour. Alternatively, if you’re going for the toned-down option, you could accessorise with a large silver statement necklace and matching bangles or bracelets with a tote bag.


Tunics are perfect for travelling. Whether you’re going for a city break or heading for some winter sun, take it with you.


It doesn’t crease much in the suitcase, it’s lightweight and you can find ways to wear it no matter where you’re going. It doesn’t need much to dress up, either – a pair of flat gladiator sandals, a leather backpack and lots of jewellery that you can just pick up from market stalls you might find in the place you’re visiting.

A tunic can be a fantasic staple piece if you want it to be, no matter what the occasion. It’s a timeless piece, and whether you choose to dress it up or dress it down you are guaranteed to look amazing.And the best bit?

Spring is here, so time to dig out that tunic again and wear it for another season or two!

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