Lingerie Essentials Every Wardrobe Needs

“Lingerie is not about seducing men, it’s about embracing womanhood”.

Dita von Teese

Lingerie is the first piece of clothing you put on every day. And when your lingerie is a pretty, matching set and it is fitted well, you will look and feel amazing before you even start your day.

Feeling beautiful in your clothes starts with feeling beautiful in your lingerie.

Good lingerie makes us feel sexy and special, it is the base of any stylish outfit and is no longer considered a luxury to wear a matching set of bra and knickers.

Here are the five essentials every woman should have in her lingerie drawer…

A Properly Fitted Bra

A properly fitted bra is the foundation to any outfit and will make a big difference to completing your look.

Different bra styles give a different support and shape and this, in turn, decides how your top piece of clothing looks like. If you are supported where you need it, your clothes will look better and pairing the right lingerie with the outfit will elevate your look and boost your confidence.

The bra should fit snugly around your chest and sit comfortably on your back, the straps shouldn’t be slack so they slide down your shoulders and they shouldn’t dig into them either. The right cup size will just gently hug your breasts and not create bulges or leave room to fill with tissue paper.

So, aside from being properly fitted, what types of bra should you have in your lingerie drawer?

Your lingerie drawer should contain:

  • A t-shirt bra that doesn’t show any lines
  • A black bra for any occasions,
  • A push-up bra for when you want to show off your cleavage,
  • A ‘makes-you-feel-fabulous’ bra for when you need a little pick-me-up or a special occasion
  • A versatile “solutions” or “convertible” bra with removable straps for when you need it to be strapless or transform it into a racer back for some tops or dresses.

But what about special occasions?

Take along your dress or chosen outfit when you go looking for the right bra, so you can ensure it’s up to the job. Pick something that makes you feel special and feels comfortable and sexy.

Need some tips?

Depending on the style of dress you need to consider the type of bra.

For a low back or backless dress you could go far an adhesive bra if your cup is not on the large side, or buy a bra with cups that offer strapless, backless coverage. If your bust is large this might not be an option for you. Alternatively, you could get the dress altered to sew in cups or a bustier for hidden support.

A strapless dress requires good support with no straps. To keep from adjusting and pulling the bra and dress up all night long, choose a strapless bra that features grips on both sides or a longline bra that has a corset like a bodice.


Let’s get straight to the point:

Always buy two or more knickers to match one bra. You can wear the bra 2 to 3 times without washing (with a day off between wears!), so having more than one matching set of knickers ensures you always look good under your clothes. The easiest way to make yourself feel amazing in the morning is by putting on a matching lingerie set, it is pleasing to the eye and will make you look effortlessly sexy.

And remember…

The style of the knickers should be considered depending on your outerwear. For trousers that are tightly fitted, a thong or shorts style underwear work best as they won’t show off the dreaded VPL. And when light coloured trousers are the order of the day, a neutral knickers will be a better choice than white as they will be invisible where a white colour can stand out too much.


For special occasions when you want to wear that sexy little dress, a slip might be needed to soften the shape underneath and to hide the lines of where the underwear is sitting.

It’s simple really.

A simple nude silk slip will leave you feeling very luxurious and more confident and will go with any colour outfit.

For a more shape fitting dress an item with more control might be required, such as control bodies or waist nippers to target more specific areas. There is a whole host of shapewear available on the market to conceal problem areas such as the tummy, thighs, bottoms and busts. Shop a selection of shapewear here.

As for special occasions…

If your dress has a plunging neckline a bra or bodysuit with a special cut out is a must. Don’t rely on an ordinary bra or shapewear as you are likely to see some of it. Opt for a style that has some support in the sides.

A Slip/Shapewear

Stockings and Tights

For the colder months in the year a simple pair of black tights is an essential item for any fashionista.


They will dress up any outfit, are versatile and add warmth while remaining on-trend. They come in different densities from very sheer for the sophisticated look to opaque ones for a quirkier look.

If you don’t find tights comfortable then many women prefer holdups or stockings. Why not swap a pair of tights for a pair of black thigh-high stockings or hold-ups? They look the same as a regular pair of black tights when worn with mid-length hemline but they feel a little sexier.


After a long day at work and running errands, nothing beats the moment when you snap your bra off and slip into something more comfortable.

And guess what?

This doesn’t have to mean your old t-shirt and baggy pants.

Sleepwear can be as sophisticated and sexy as your underwear. This is your down time and you should feel relaxed and special.

Choose natural materials that feel soft and gentle and let your skin breathe as well as slightly looser fitting, but not baggy. You should feel like you are being caressed when you drift off for a well-deserved night’s sleep.


It is a simple fact that every woman needs an arsenal of lingerie wardrobe essential. These are the building blocks for not just those special outfits, but for effortlessly lovely days. Start with good lingerie essentials and your wardrobe will thank you as your confidence grows and you feel sexier and happier from morning through to the end of day.