Refresh Your Winter Wardrobe By Mixing and Matching Clothes

Winters come and go, and before you know it, the temperatures will slowly be increasing again — just in time for spring. If you don’t want to purchase a whole new winter wardrobe, you can mix and match different items instead. This lets you experiment with your personal style and gives you more mileage from your clothing items. Here are some tips on how to refresh your look for winter 2016 by mixing and matching different clothes.

1. Winter Coats

A good winter coat should last you right up until the spring time. But did you know that you could use your coat as the foundation of your winter wardrobe and mix and match different items to create the ultimate winter look? How about wearing your winter jacket with a scarf and a hat or leaving it undone on milder days to show off a new blouse or sweater? You can also change up your look by accessorising your coat. Why not wear it with different jewellery items, such as a chunky bracelet or necklace? If you want to save more money on your winter wardrobe, you can mix and match different styles by purchasing clothes from a retailer online. Use a price comparison website to compare and contrast different styles and find the cheapest retailers on the Internet. This won’t just save you time but potentially a lot of cash, too. Don’t forget to check out our article on how to choose the perfect winter coat if you need more fashion tips!

2. Scarves

Scarves are a great way to mix and match different styles. Even if you wear the same coat throughout the winter, a few new scarves could transform your look and add a splash of colour to your outfit. There is a wide range of different scarves to choose from online, including bright-coloured chunky scarves that can be worn with various types of jacket. Then there are thinner scarves with a more contemporary design. Whatever style you end up choosing, why not use a discount code with your purchase? This way, you could save money on items like scarves from your favourite online retailers. You’ll find these promotional codes online and if you follow retailers on social media or sign up to their mailing lists. You’ll be asked to enter your code once you head to the checkout page and pay for your items. You’ll then receive an email confirmation of your discounted order. Remember, a voucher code could save you money on your order or provide you with free delivery.


3. Hats

Hats are another clothing item that you can use to mix and match different styles this winter. These accessories are extremely versatile and can be worn on those cold winter days when the weather is at its worse. You can choose from a wide range of colours, as well as graphic designs and classic styles. If you are mixing and matching different styles and purchasing clothes online, there are a number of ways you can save money this winter. For example, you can order your items from the same online retailer, which could save you cash on delivery costs. You could also search for sale items and clearance stock to find products that have been reduced in price. Alternatively, you can order winter clothes after Christmas, a time when many retailers mark items like hats down in price.

4. Shoes

Choosing a good pair of winter shoes can provide your feet with protection and comfort this winter. There are many different styles that are popular at the moment, including winter boots and flat shoes that give your feet the support they need. Although these items range in price, you could save money when you shop online. Just search for shoes from your favourite retailer and head to individual product pages to find out more about product specifications and prices. Many people don’t like buying clothes online because they can’t try the items on before they make a purchase. However, many online stores have detailed size guides, which will provide you with tips on the best footwear to buy. Most retailers also let you return your item if you are not completely satisfied. While some shops might charge you to return an item, others won’t, so it’s always a good idea to check ahead. Shoes are a great accessory to mix and match with your winter clothes. Choose a pair that catches the eye and complements your personal style!


5. Bags

Bags are the ultimate fashion accessory for many women. These not only look great but keep all your must-haves safe this winter. You can use a bag to mix and match different styles during the winter months. Just search for a bag that looks great with different colours and styles. You’ll be able to find hundreds of these products online, including bags from big-name brands and new and up-and-coming fashion labels that you might not have heard about before.

6. Sweaters

Winter, and the run-up to Christmas, in particular, is a popular time for many people to wear a sweater. These clothing items not only keep you warm but can be mixed and matched with various other items for a flexible look that you can change on a daily basis. For example, why not wear a mix and match winter jumper with a pair of jeans one day and then jeggings the next? Alternatively, accessorise your look with a bracelet or watch. If you want to save money on winter clothes like sweaters, check out the home pages of your favourite online stores. Here’s where you’ll find the latest special offers and the newest products that have just been released. If you are a new customer and sign up for an account, you could be entitled to a discount on your purchase, too. This could result in money off your order or free delivery.


Winter clothes don’t have to be boring, especially if you mix and match different styles to create versatile looks that can be enjoyed throughout the whole season. Experiment with items like bags, sweaters, jackets and shoes and see what styles you can achieve!