What to Wear for a Spring Wedding

Spring is here, which means the wedding season has well and truly arrived – and so has the age old question of “What do I wear?”. Lucky for you we’ve got the best Wedding guest fashion tips all wrapped up for you here!

What Should You Wear To A Spring Wedding?

Springtime is the perfect excuse to bring some colour back into your wardrobe, and a wedding is the perfect opportunity to dig out those bright hues! Think pastels, or maybe even bolder shades that will really make your look pop.

However, the problem with spring in Britain is the weather is so unpredictable – so it pays to be prepared! We’re not talking umbrella fascinators & cagoule prom dresses, don’t worry…

There are a few small problems you might encounter at a spring wedding – for example, there is usually some time spent outdoors  – heels might dig into the grass, or long dresses might get caught in the mud. Opt for a chic midi dress to keep your hems clean, and it can’t hurt to pack a pair of chic flats to avoid those stuck-in-the-mud moments!


Onto The Specifics…

With springtime in bloom, florals are always a popular print for a Wedding guest. They’re a great fit for the season and you can find colour combos to suit every complexion. Score thrifty fashion points by pairing a flowing floral skirt with a short-sleeved top in a co-ordinating colour – it’s much easier to wear pieces like this again!

If floral isn’t your thing, polka dots are another failsafe print for weddings – and a retro style updo is perfect for Spring! For guests who prefer to keep it simple, a cute pastel dress can be just as effective at brightening the mood as a bold floral number!

Onto The Specifics

But what if it gets a bit chilly?

As we’ve established that the weather can be a bit unpredictable, a faux fur cape will ensure that you are kept warm and add a touch of drama to your look!

And finally, the accessories. For a wedding, less is often more (of course you don’t want to outshine the bride!) – opt for simple key pieces like a watch, small necklace or understated bracelet.

Whatever you wear it’s important to remember that the best and most flattering thing you can wear to a wedding is a smile. Have a great time!