How To Work Pantone’s Colour Of The Year Into Your Wardrobe

Towards the end of last year, Pantone revealed their colour of the year for 2017. It was a colour they described as ‘symbolic of new beginnings’, and they further describe it as bursting forth ‘to provide us with the reassurance we yearn for’.

Understandable, considering the year just passed. Reassurance and a new beginning might be something we all need – and that includes our wardrobes, as well.

You’re probably wondering what the colour is…

It’s ‘Greenery’.
Forbes explains that this colour ‘taps in with minimalism’, but also say it reflects a divided social and political landscape.As a colour that resembles bright green leaves in the height of summer, greenery might seem like quite an outgoing and eye-catching shade for some. Can such a vibrant shade really work for everyone? Despite what you may be thinking, there are ways that all of us can work it into our everyday looks, no matter what our preferred style.But how can you do this?


If you’d prefer to keep things low-key, accessories in this colour may be the way to go.

By simply choosing a vibrant green bag, scarf, pair of shoes or earrings you can look on trend without going all out. The great thing about accessories is they can be what completes an outfit, and by choosing ‘greenery’ based accessories you’re wrapping up your look with that extra pop of colour.

For instance:

You could throw on a green scarf with a black coat and white top, or perhaps carry a green clutch with your night-out outfit and add some earrings of the same colour. Another option is possibly pairing some shoes in this colour with a neutral outfit when meeting a friend for dinner.


Fashion blogger Claire, of Who What Claire, mentions accessorising by layering your jewellery. In a recent post, she stated:

“Whether it’s different colours and stones on your arm, or lots of different lengths and metals of necklaces, this can create a stunning effect for the simplest of outfits.”

From this, you might try to mix and match jewellery featuring this shade with other colours, or layer some necklaces to spruce up your look.

Greenery can be perfect for every occasion if you make it that way.


Another way to work greenery into your wardrobe is by layering your clothes.

We’ve had some particularly cold weather lately, so there’s no better time to do this than now, but feel free to do so whenever you want!

Layering is a really effective way of incorporating the colour into your wardrobe through key items without it being overbearing.

You can layer green in a number of ways…

Why not try a green jumper over a blouse with a leather jacket on top? Or maybe a green dress underneath a shirt and comfy cardigan?

Reality star Lauren Conrad provides some of her tips on her website. Alternatively, you can find some further layering ideas here, on the Harper’s Bazaar website.

Don’t Go For A Solid Colour…

When working with this colour, you don’t have to just wear an all-green t-shirt to make it work.

It might not seem so, but there are other ways.

If you’d rather your use of this colour was a little more low-key, then you could try going for a patterned piece whereby greenery is featured but not the main focus.

There’s another positive about this:

It would also be perfect for building an outfit around, as you’ll have one stand out piece to show off (although that’s not to say you couldn’t do this with a solid colour as well).

Don’t Go For A Solid Colour…

… Or You Can Go All Out

We’ve spoken a lot about being subtle, but at the same time this shade is versatile in that it does also allow you to be a lot more daring if that’s what you prefer (especially when compared to the 2016 colours of the year – rose quartz and serenity blue, both of which were more soft shades in comparison).

You might want to try a green dress or two-piece. If you’re feeling particularly fearless, you could also mix it with more vibrant shades such as medium-pinks, blues, or – believe it or not – orange. Whatever works for you, go for it.

Seeing as this colour is very nature-based, pairing it with earthy tones such as brown or beige would also work perfectly.

Colours To Pair It With

So there have been a few mentions of the colours you can wear this shade with, but Pantone recommends pairing it with a wide variety of other options, too.

You can go for softer, pastel shades such as a pale lilac or faded green, or you could choose to go for moodier, more intense colours like deep purples and reds with a brown undertone. Furthermore, there’s the option of block colours such as yellow.

And that’s only a few of the combinations they suggest…

Check out their colour of the year page for more options you can try out.

Colours To Pair It With

Nevertheless, most would say that this colour does work best with neutral tones such as beige, black and white. It’s probably easier on the eye this way, but this shouldn’t stop you experimenting with your individual style. If you like it, wear it.

As fashion blogger Catherine, from Not Dressed As Lamb stated:

“Whoever said that you shouldn’t have more than three colours in an outfit obviously never had fun with colour.”

It Doesn’t Even Have To Just Be Clothes, Either…

While working the colour into your wardrobe is one thing, fitting it into your beauty routine is another.

Green might not seem like it would work in your every day makeup look, but there are still ways you can fit it in: green nail varnish, some subtle green eyeshadow with black winged eyeliner for a night out (or even just for the day time).

You can work it into your look without it being too flashy, but at the same time it’s still a good option if you’re feeling a more ‘out-there’ vibe.

Some inspiration can be found here.


Greenery is a very versatile shade – you can wear an extravagant, colourful outfit, an elegant dress, or simply incorporate it into your wardrobe more subtly through layering and accessories. It’s this which makes it such a great shade for everyone to use in their day to day looks.

You don’t have to just use that bright, leaf-green shade when choosing how to add greenery into your wardrobe though – you can always cheat a little and maybe opt for slightly deeper shades (like the one shown here).